See what the boudie babes have to say about their experience!

I searched all of the options for a boudoir photographer. Carefully looking at each website, portfolio, pricing, what’s included, all of it. It was an obvious choice to go with Dezirae. Everything about the way she runs her business is on point. The costs were “overwhelming” to see at first, but the moment I arrived, I felt so welcomed. I was able to see the samples of her albums and prints right there in her office and I was memorized at how amazing they are! I immediately knew I wanted the 8×8 album. The quality is like no other and they are even packaged completely for you, so you don’t even have to worry about wrapping them! The box they come in, is even premium leather and so sturdy! Her make-up artist is very nice and does a great job! I was so pleased with the make-up, I ended up tipping the artist more than I had planned to! During the session, I felt like I had known Dezirae all my life! We talked, laughed, danced to music, just very relaxing and fun. She never missed a detail telling me how to pose, which way to look, etc. At times I had no idea she was even photographing what she photographed! So seeing the images was even more surprising, in a great way! Selecting the images was a very easy process, oh and so was payments! Sorry for such the long post, but ladies, I am telling you, I did my homework. I am a stickler when it comes to spending money, she is WORTH the $$!!!!!!!!! -Melissa

I was nervous about the shoot as I’ve never done anything like it before, but Dez makes you feel so comfortable, makes it fun, and makes you feel beautiful! She has great ideas for poses and is also open to suggestions if you have things you want to try. I absolutely love how my pics turned out! Totally worth the $. The gallery gave me so many to choose from, it was hard narrowing it down, so I selected the big album and ordered several extra prints!! I did my shoot as a birthday gift to my husband and he absolutely loved the album and prints. Overall, it was a fantastic experience! I couldn’t love these any more than I do! Thank you for such a fun experience and something we’ll always treasure – Nicole

I had an amazing time with Dezirae in my shoot. Evan though I am very outgoing, my husband was amazed that I did this. He is very pleased with the results. I had a child a year ago and have a c section scar and many stretch marks. I thought to myself that I should have thought about doing this years ago because I wouldn’t be beautiful in the pictures. I was super wrong. Dezirae makes every “body” type and style look amazing! I could have not felt more confident and beautiful. She did an amazing job! I highly recommend her! And My makeup was on point! And The books are top notch and totally worth it Best there is out there, hands down! thanks Dez!! – Mindy 

I never thought I could feel so gorgeous and comfortable in a boudoir shoot!!! You really are amazing and I’m super grateful for the experience! Definitely the one to recommend friends to!!! – Jessica

I am sure I was like most girls that haven’t done it yet and they are thinking…I am nervous, I don’t like my body right now, etc… I was the exact same way. Dezirae made it so comfortable and gives you a sense of confidence in yourself when taking these photos. It was so easy and so much fun! A lot of these photos I am literally laughing in because Dezirae was making me crack up during the photo shoot! She has great ideas and listens to yours as well, then puts it all together! I loved how they turned out and can’t wait to show my husband the book!!! Thank you so much, Dezirae!!!! – Allison

If you’re even considering a session, DO IT! The experience and resulting photos are a total self confidence booster. My expectations were more than exceeded! I don’t always love myself like I should after 2 kids and being closer to 40 than I’d like to admit, but it is hard to not share images! (As a teacher I do not need those out anywhere!) Seriously, you’ll love it! Thank you bunches Dezirae! -B

I gave my husband my boudoir photo album for Christmas, and he was very surprised and happy with them! He couldn’t believe I had done that and that he didn’t know anything about it! Thanks again Dezirae, they turned out amazing! – Ashley

For all of you who think “I’m too ______” to do this… You are wrong!! If you have any desire at all to do a shoot with Dezirae… Do it! I promise it is fun and she is totally worth the money! – Rachel Q.

I am so self conscious and have major body image issues. Dezirae makes it so comfortable. I was almost fully clothed and it still made me feel sexy. -Stacie

I would say if you’re on the fence, just do it! I was on the fence for a while too because I wasn’t happy with my body but I’m so happy I did it. It made me feel really good about myself. Dezirae is awesome and will make you feel so comfortable and look amazing! It was an awesome experience and I kinda want to do another one in the future. -Shannon

I was very on the fence to book a session! But, sooooooooooo happy I did it! I was so comfortable with Dezirae, she made it a fun enjoyable experience!! I was honestly more nervous to see my images then actually taking the photos!! I absolutely LOVE my images and cannot wait to do it again!! Dezirae you rock!! – DR

I had a blast during my session!!!!! I was one of her very first ladies she did. Dezirae makes you feel very comfortable, it’s a day about you and all photos are very tactful. After the first few you are having so much fun you forget all about being uncomfortable. JUST DO IT, you will not regret it. I by no means have a perfect body and mine turned out great!!!!  – Wendy

Thank you so much Dezirae!!! You did such a wonderful job and made me feel great about myself!!! I cannot wait to show these photos to my soon to be husband!! Thanks again!! – Lydia

Thank you so much for the amazing session today!! You helped me relax and made me feel so comfortable! – Meagan

I am SO happy I did it! My husband loved the book I gave him on his birthday. During the shoot I felt beautiful… like a celebrity! The pictures turned out awesome and I love that all I had to do was choose my favorites and she did all of the rest. I would recommend it to EVERYONE. Be prepared to feel sexy and special. His reaction to the book was priceless. My favorite part was watching him look through it for the first time.– Molly

Amazing photographer! She made me feel extremely comfortable and had wonderfully creative ideas! You can see her attention to details in all of her photos! – Rachel B.

Dezirae is a wonderful photographer to work with! She works in a very professional manner, but still makes capturing the moment enjoyable and fun!!! I’d recommend her in a heart beat, no one compares to her! – Angela W.

Dezirae made my boudoir shoot so comfortable and laid back! The album I received is amazing and the quality is fantastic! I loved everything about this experience all thanks to Dezirae!   – Amber C.

Dezirae did my boudoir shoot for my fiancee. I loved how she had a professional make-up artist come in and do your make up. I loved how she made the shoot relaxed and fun! She had quick turn around time for editing the photos and getting me my final product!- Holly