dezirae-2Helloooo miz lady!  I am so stoked you have came to my website to browse my work. As you already know, the name is Dezirae. I know you don’t want to read another typical “about me” page giving you the usual blah zea blah story of why I am doing boudoir photography. I will keep it real and to the point. In my twenty-somethings, I often joked around with friends that, someday, I would be a photographer for a popular “Men’s magazine”, but was only half-kidding. 😉 That dream to be a photographer for the magazine still sits in the back of my mind. Someday, right?

I started in this world of photography in 2013. A bride, that I was photographing as she was getting ready, asked me to take a “sexy image” to send over to her husband-to-be on her cell phone. I did so and then asked to take it on my camera, as well. I started looking into, well, more like obsessively researching, boudoir photography, to the point that the next thing I knew, I was doing boudoir marathons upon marathon upon marathon at a local hotel, prompting me to find a studio and realizing, this is my niche.selfloveproject_me

I have an unparalleled eye for providing classy imagery that flatters all body sizes,
edgy, sensually mood-setting bodyscapes,
sincere candid beauty,
and keeping sessions simply

To be completely real, I like to let my photos do the talking. It’s a substantially sexier conversation.