Project: Self Love

On August 27th, I invited ladies to be a part of the Omaha #projectselflove empowerment and photographed 14 beautiful ladies, then jumped in front of the camera myself, at a private house on Platte River. We even rode an air-boat to get to the sand bank! It was AMAZING! These 14 amazing women joined me on my mission to give the double gun salute to whatever narrow-minded comments have been made to any woman out there being told their personal flaw isn’t “pretty”. I have a burning passion to photograph every woman I can, empowering them to adore herself as the gorgeous, sexy, feminine, bad ass woman that she is and letting them proudly display every single thing about her, exactly as is. That’s right. Zero edits on these images!

What each lady did was write something that was said to them about their body, that was hurtful. Then they wrote something that is true about themselves and I think I can speak for all of us, that we walked away with zero.effs.given, feeling like the sexiest women alive. Every single one of them are so gorgeous, inside and out! I am so proud of each of them being brave enough to step in front of my camera! I loved the moment of seeing their confidence boost when they held up the second paper. They are all beautiful. period. I hope that for at least those couple hours, they knew it to be true.


Cheers beaches!
Photography by Dezirae

#projectselflove  #photographybydezirae #bodypositive #loveyourself #effyourbeautystandards #prettyontheinside

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