allison-11+   Whether in front of or behind the camera, capturing powerful images of a woman’s raw vulnerability, honoring her body, is downright sexy.  I want you to walk away feeling like the sexiest woman alive. Let’s be real here, how we “look” is constantly the every day focus for us women, from the moment we wake up. And the society we live in seems to have an absurd amount of pressure for us to portray what this “beauty” should look like. KatieR-4

Join me on my mission to give the double gun salute to whatever narrow-minded comments have been made to any woman saying their personal flaw isn’t “pretty”. I know you are nervous to show that side of you, but ladies, I have your back! I have a fierce passion to photograph every woman I can, empowering them to adore herself as the gorgeous, sexy, feminine, bad ass woman that she is, through private 1-on-1 shoots. Let your hair down (or keep it up) and trust me to capture you in the way you’ve always desired and be proud of every single thing about you, exactly as you are.


NaviereFinals-18My sessions are female only. My amazing professional

make-up artist and myself are there to have a fun and exhilarating time with you. Together, rest assure, we will make you look amazing and bring out the vision you have for your personalized shoot.

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Every lady showcased  on my site are copyright Photography by Dezirae LLC and are not models.

Each lady has signed written permission for me to share.

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